The Financial year of the Club shall commence on 1st July and close on 30th June of each year.


a) the Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held on the First Tuesday in August unless alteration of day and date is deemed necessary.
b) the Annual General Meeting shall not be held prior to the close of the Financial Year


3.1 General meetings

The Club will hold General Meetings of Members as required.

3.2  Member Information Meetings

The Club will hold Member Information Meetings monthly, or as required.

3.3 Management meetings

The Club will hold ten Meetings per year. Committee members may meet via phone or video conference or Skype or any other form of communication that allows all persons participating to communicate with each other effectively.

a) Having paid the annual subscription to the Club Limited members shall pay all commitments due to NSWWBA and the Newcastle District.
b) If applicable, any additional fee to belong to the Women’s Bowling Club shall be as decided upon by the Management Committee, from time to time.

4.1 Notwithstanding any other provision of this By-law 4, in the event of any inconsistency between any Member Club Constitution and the constitution of the Registered Club under which that Member Club resides (Registered Club Constitution), the provision of the Registered Club Constitution will prevail to the extent of any such inconsistency.


5.1 President
The President shall:-
a) be the nominated head of the Club, the Chair of all Meetings, subject to Club Constitution Rule 19.2.
b) the President shall be ex-officio a member of all Committees with the exception of the Selection Committee when selection is taking place.

5.2 Secretary
The Secretary shall:-
a) keep accurate minutes of all proceedings at meetings of the Club.
b) receive all monies due to the Club and open all correspondence.
c) keep a register of members including dates of birth.
d) furnish a report of the Club’s activities for the Annual Report.
e) arrange for a copy of the Annual Report and Financial Statement to be issued to each financial Member of the Club and to the Club Limited.
f) notify members per medium of the Notice Board of matters of which notification is necessary arising from Management Meetings, State, Region and District fixtures.
g) manage all notices placed on the notice board including copy of draws for all District, Region and State events (/where applicable).
h) receive entries and fees for District events and forward to District.
i) issue clearances, on request, immediately and in accordance with instructions set down from time to time by NSWWBA.
j) receive clearances and deal with same in accordance with instructions set down from time to time by NSWWBA.
k) carry out any additional duties as listed in the Club Constitution Rule 28.
All correspondence shall be directed to and answered by the Secretary under the direction of the Management Committee and tabled at the next Management Committee Meeting
5.3 Treasurer
a) Where a Club processes all income through the Club Limited the Treasurer shall
i. receive and deal with the day to day finances of the Club in accordance with the direction of the Club Limited.
ii. furnish to each Management Committee Meeting and each General Meeting a report of the day to day finances of the club, such as green fees and raffles etc. She shall also report on income for Carnivals and Special Days and any other sundry income that is processed through the Club to the Club Limited.
b) Where a Club has its own Bank Account the Treasurer shall
i. receive all moneys from the Secretary, all income from the day to day running of the Club and deposit same in such bank account as the Management Committee or the Club Limited directs.
ii. keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the Club and give a financial report at each Management Committee Meeting and General Meetings and furnish a properly audited Statement of Receipts and Expenditure to accompany the Annual Report.
5.4 The Delegate to the District
The Delegate shall :-
a) attend meetings of the Newcastle District Association and correctly report to the Management Committee and members on rulings and proceedings at all District Meetings.
b) vote when necessary in accordance with the instructions given by the Management Committee and speak at the District Meeting upon a subject if instructed to do so by the Management Committee.
c) when required vote on their own initiative
Should any Delegate be unable to attend a meeting of the District the Club Secretary may appoint a deputy to act at such meeting.
5.5 Vacancy of President
Should the office of President become vacant less than (6) months prior to the Annual General Meeting, an acting President shall be elected at a Special Meeting of the Committee called for that purpose. The elected member shall have all the powers and privileges of a duly elected President. In any other case a President shall be elected under the terms of the Club Constitution.
6.1 Match Committee
The Match Committee shall consist of no more than 5 members.
The Match Committee shall, when requested by the Management Committee:
a) arrange Club Fixtures for the season subject to the approval of the Committee
b) attend to District and State Fixtures
c) after selection, attend to Pennant Cards and supervise the draw for rinks and opposing teams by Captains.
d) arrange for Markers to be available for Singles Championships.
e) arrange lists for Inter-club games and Special Days.

6.2 Selection Committee
The Selection Committee shall consist of no more than 5 members
The Selection Committee shall, when requested, by the Management Committee:
(a) select teams for Social play on ordinary days and fill in cards for same.
(b) select sides for Pennant Play in accordance with direction from the Management Committee on the number of sides to be selected.
(c) present Pennant sides to management committee for approval.

6.3 Social Committee
The Social Committee shall consist of no more than 10 members.
The Social Committee shall, under the direction of the Management Committee:
(a) manage all catering arrangements for social and Pennant Play.
(b) roster members to help with catering on Special Days.
7.1 The Club may combine Selection and Match if membership numbers are small.
7.2 The Management Committee may appoint
(a) a Publicity Officer
(b) a Welfare Officer
(c) any other non-management committee (list if applicable)
7.3 No member shall hold more than one Management or Operational Committee position simultaneously with the exception of the Delegates.
7.4 The Management Committee has the power to appoint a Chairman of any Operational Committee should such Committee fail to elect its Chairman within fourteen (14) days of its election.
7.5 The number of Vice Presidents is limited to two (2).

8.1 If appointed, the Communications Officer shall
a) attend to all publicity as directed by the Management Committee and shall be the only member authorised to submit copy to “Bowls News”.
b) submit a copy to the Secretary to be countersigned. A duplicate copy shall be handed to the Secretary
a) Any person who has rendered significant service to the Club (due notice of which has been given to the members in the notice convening any General or Special Meeting) may be nominated by two (2) members of the Club and on receiving the vote of at least three-quarters of the members present at such meeting, be elected a Life Member of the Club.
b) Life Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of a member but without being liable for Annual Subscriptions to the Club.
c) The number of Life Members shall be limited to 4 (four). Not more than one (1) Life Member can be elected in any one (1) year.
d) When a Life Member has been inactive with the Club for a period of three (3), their membership with WBNSW and the Club shall be discontinued until such times that the Member returns to active participation with the Club.
Where a club has its own Bank Account all cheques shall be signed by the any two (2) of the following officers, the President, Secretary or Treasurer unless otherwise directed by the Club Limited.
Only the President or Secretary shall approach the Club Limited or the Greenkeeper on any matter concerning the Club or greens, unless this authority has been delegated by either of them to any other members for the day.
Any disputes, objections and appeals shall be dealt with in accordance with State By-law No. 6.
The Management Committee shall inform the Club Limited of its intention to reprimand, suspend, accept the resignation of or expel any member who deliberately infringes any Rule, after being warned, or whose conduct shall in its opinion render her unfit for membership. No member shall be expelled or suspended without first being summoned in writing before the Committee, at which meeting there shall be at least two thirds of the Management Committee Members present and at which five sixths of the Management Committee Members present vote for expulsion or suspension
Fourteen (14) days notice of the meeting must be given to the member and if she fails to attend at the time and place mentioned without reasonable excuse, the charge or complaint will be heard and dealt with in her absence and the Management Committee will decide on the evidence before it, her absence not withstanding. The decision of the Committee on such hearing or an adjournment thereof shall be final.
Where a member has been reprimanded, suspended or expelled under this rule or where the Committee has accepted the resignation of a member as a result of proceedings against a member under this Rule, the Management Committee shall, within seven (7) days of the date on which such member is reprimanded suspended or expelled or from the date on which the resignation of such member is received by the Honorary Secretary, advise the Club Limited in writing of such reprimand, suspension, expulsion or resignation.
Provided notwithstanding the above that if a person ceases to be a member of the Club Limited that person ipso facto ceases to be a member of the Club.
It should be noted that only the Club Limited can withdraw membership of the Club Limited.
The “Laws of the Sport of Bowls” and “Conditions of play for State Championships and Events” shall be those adopted from time to time by the NSWWBA.
The uniform for play shall be as set down in the WBNSW Dress Policy.
No player/official is allowed to smoke on the green during the progress of a game (refer to the BA smoke free policy)